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If you’re a retailer, now is the time you should be pulling out all the stops to maximise Christmas sales. It’s probably too late to increase your organic presence in time for Christmas (make this your new year mission!), but there are other ways to get relevant website visits, and hopefully sales, before the last Christmas postal date. Here’s our top five tips.

1. Set up and Optimise Google Shopping

If you have products to sell you need to set up Google Shopping Ads. They’re ideal for showcasing your products and making it easy for people to buy. Make sure you have optimised your settings – for more on Google Shopping read our previous blog post.

2. Stay Top of People’s Minds with Remarketing

People do a lot of browsing leading up to Christmas, looking for the ideal gifts. If you want to make sure people are reminded of your products, remarketing is a powerful tool. Remarketing works by retargeting your website customers with adverts about your business as they browse the web. Don’t let them forget your website! You can set up remarketing ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use with care and skill in order to save yourself from costly mistakes!

3. Increase your Budget

This might sound obvious, but if you’re already running Google Ad and social media campaigns it is worth upping your spend over the Christmas period to increase your sales. If your ads are effective, the more you spend, the more sales you should have. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough stock to deal with an increase in sales!

4.  Email Marketing

Do you have an email marketing list? If so make sure you use your enewsletter to push your popular products, explaining their key features and benefits. Make sure you send an e-shot in early December regarding last postage days, so your customers don’t miss out.

5. Review your Settings

Finally, make sure your budget isn’t being wasted by reviewing the setup of your Ad campaigns. Review your location settings, bids and search queries. By knocking out irrelevant keywords used when people search for your products, you can really help to minimise wasted clicks and get the maximum return on your budget.

We hope you found these tips helpful and we wish you a busy trading period in the run up to Christmas. For help with managing and boosting your advertising campaigns, get in touch.

Post Author: Q Social Media

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