Board Game Extras is an internet based shop for board games and extras for them.


The company were running Google Ads but wanted to get more out of them to try and increase online sales. They were also interested in using social media and wanted to trial it and assess the benefits.


The existing Google Adwords campaigns were not fully optimised and were allowing a lot of low quality clicks to the website. We optimised their Google Ads campaigns and gradually increased the quality of clicks to the website, increasing conversions and sales. We also introduced remarketing campaigns and Google Shopping which both work well in increasing sales.

The Social Media advertising campaigns were very successful and we have been using them ever since.

Board Game Extras is a long standing client and every year their website traffic and sales keep on going upwards. We’ve helped increase their sales both in the UK and further afield in Europe.

“I’m really pleased with the work done by Chris and the team at Q Social Media to promote and drive traffic to our online shop. Using Q Social Media allows our digital marketing campaigns to be effectively managed allowing me to focus on the sales.” – Board Game Extras