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Wouldn’t it be great if you could target every single website visitor of your biggest rival with a targeted ad campaign? You can!

If you’re a small business with a small budget it can be hard to compete with the marketing budget and dominance of the big companies. One area you can be smart with your budget is using Google Display Ads to target the website visitors of your competitors, as well as people’s previous search history. Didn’t know you could do this? Read on!

How does it work?

People don’t always purchase online straight away, especially for higher value products, so targeting visitors to competitor sites allows your business to be considered whilst someone is making a decision.

You can set this up creating a Google display campaign in your Google Ads dashboard. Select a custom audience and input the website addresses and keywords you want to target.

Use Google Responsive Display Ads – upload a couple of images, enter ad text and landing page and Google will create the ads for you (read more here). These ads will appear on a variety of websites as your target audience browse the internet.

A fictional example might be as follows. Your website is called and your biggest competitors are ‘Stay Dry’ and ‘Outdoor Gear’. You create a display campaign and under custom audiences you insert the competitor website addresses and along with search terms such as ‘womens raincoats’ and ‘mens raincoats’. If you want to be more specific you can insert the sub pages of the competitor sites e.g

Does your Product/Service have a high Cost Per Click?

Display Ads are particularly advantageous when your product has a high cost per click for Google search ads. This means you can let your competitor pay a high amount to get people to their own site and then remarket to them with your ads at usually a much lower cost per click!

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to setting up Google Display Ads targeted to competitor sites and key search terms. To find out more about using Google Display Ads to target your own site visitors read our previous blog on remarketing here For help with setting up your Display Ads or ongoing ads management contact us.

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