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In the digital world people are impatient to obtain information instantaneously. The fact that brands are getting better at delivering speedy, frictionless mobile experiences is driving expectations higher than ever. If your business is a bit slow on the uptake you’re liable to get left behind. Inspired by stats and information in this recent article by Think With Google, in this blog post we explore ways to make sure your business and products are at the fingertips of the modern customer.

Make Sure Your Google My Business Information is Up to Date

Search interest in “open now” has tripled over the past two years. These searches represent both impromptu decisions (“I have a date tonight and need my hair done”) and emergency situations (“I just pulled my back and need some painkillers”). If you’re a business which could fill a need in either of these areas (e.g. a café, hairdressers, pharmacy or care centre) you need to make sure your Google My Business information is up to date, with  your opening hours, contact details and location. If you haven’t already, make sure you add or claim your business, then verify your business listing so it’s eligible to appear on Maps, Search and other Google services.

Create Great Mobile and Desktop Experiences

People expect fast and frictionless mobile experiences, so much so that Google reports that 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. For every one second delay in site load time, conversions fall by 12%! This means that it’s vital to cater for the modern consumer by creating a mobile experience which works quickly and delivers swiftly.

Similarly, on a desktop it’s vital that someone searching for that last minute holiday arrives at the right page of your site and can book in as few clicks/interactions as possible. Make sure your Google Ads text and URL is relevant to the page which people land on and check whether you are enabling your customer to arrive where they need to get to on your site as easily as possible.

Enable Fast Shipping

To meet the demands of the modern customer who expects to get what they want instantaneously, you might need to review your shipping policy. According to Google, mobile searches related to “same-day shipping” have grown over 120% since 2015, with searches for “same-day shipping” peaking first thing in the morning. People no longer want to wait a few days for their order to arrive and often turn to their mobile devices to help them order same-day something they would have once nipped out at lunchtime to buy from a store.

Make Sure you have Page 1 Presence

To help your brand be in with the best chance of attracting today’s digital customers, you need to make sure your brand is at the top of page 1 in the search results. Unless you’re lucky enough to sit at the top of page 1 organically, you need to get page 1 presence using Google Ads. Separate your campaigns to make sure your ad text reflects what people are searching for and show off your selling points using callouts and structured snippets.

Set up Google Shopping

If you’re a retailer, you should have some or all of your products on Google Shopping. Many people use Google Shopping first when searching for a product, so if you’re only in the search results you’re missing out on potential custom.

Enable Remarketing

To reach out to people who visited your site and left before completing a target activity (e.g. completing a purchase or filling out a contact form), it’s possible to target them using remarketing ads. These are image based ads which can be set up on Google, Facebook or Twitter and work by appearing to customers as they browse the web. Since you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad they’re a great way to remind people of your business whilst they are still in their decision making process.

Try Facebook Dynamic Ads

Even more targeted than remarketing are dynamic ads. If someone abandons their cart mid sale whilst logged into Facebook, it’s possible to target them with an ad showing the exact product they were looking at, reminding them to finish their purchase. This is a great way of increasing conversion rates and bringing back that customer who left your site to compare product shipping times or prices with another provider and then forgot who you were!

We hope you found these tips useful. For help with any of your online campaigns get in touch.

Post Author: Q Social Media