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Previously if you were running a charity Google ad account under the Google Ad Grant scheme you were allocated up to £7,450 worth of free advertising each month, this is all going to change!

As of January 1st 2018 Google have announced that if Ad Grant accounts do not receive enough clicks (maintain a 5% click through rate) each month then they could be closed down. Click through rate (CTR) in regards to adverts is a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions. If accounts do not receive enough clicks per number of impressions the account could be closed.

Its new guidance says “We recognise there are reasons why CTR may fluctuate, so you’ll be alerted through in-product notifications if your account is at risk of falling below 5 per cent CTR with educational resources offered to improve.

“If the CTR requirement isn’t met for two consecutive months, your account will be cancelled. You may request your account to be reinstated after you’ve adjusted your keywords to bring your account into compliance.”

As you can see from the below print screen, the CTR here is over 5% so will be fine. If it was not then it would need attention to resolve this.

Are you a charity using the Google ad grant scheme and need to boost your CTR in order to keep your ads running? We can help!

Post Author: Q Social Media