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5 Top Tips On Using Twitter for Business

Q social media blog - top tipsTwitter can be a very effective marketing and communications tool to reach out to a wider targeted audience online. It can help you to develop relationships with both existing clients and prospects (who are also using it). Here are five top tips on how to further utilise Twitter for your business:
  1. Use Hootsuite – this is a social media dashboard that was primarily developed to get more out of Twitter. It then added in functions so it can post a message to more than one platform (such as Facebook & LinkedIn).  Using Hootsuite will allow you to quickly and efficiently manage the different Twitter feeds you have in separate columns (instead of pages). This includes feeds for everyone you follow, when you are mentioned and for direct messages. You can quickly see all the latest info on one screen – particularly useful if you’re having a busy day and only have time to check for mentions and direct messages that you need to respond to.
    • The other primary benefit is that you can post to more than one platform, which will save you time when managing several platforms. It allows you schedule messages as well so that you have key info going out throughout the week and at the specific time of day you are targeting. We would advise not scheduling everything as you will then forget to take part in conversations (schedule max. 50% of Tweets). 
  2. Build a following from targeted audiences – there are a few approaches you can take to identify Twitter profiles that fit your target audience(s). These profiles may then follow you back (it is an action they have to take themselves).
    • Websites/Google searches – either check companies’ websites to see whether they are on Twitter or search for the name of the business along with Twitter in Google (i.e. <company name> Twitter).
    • Twellow – websites like this one show Twitter profiles by locations and categories (industries, interests etc). This is particularly useful when you are location focused.
  3. #Tags – this is a great way of reaching out to a wider targeted audience online through adding the # symbol to keywords when typing messages. #Tags link together related messages by topic. For example, we often use #socialmedia and #digitalmarketing as a way of getting my messages out to a wider audience, as there will be people checking these #tags to see who is talking about these topics. They may then decide to follow me on a permanent basis. You can also customise your own #tags to build a following on your own topics. For example you could perhaps #tag top tips, so that people can see the previous ones, or use one to build interest in an event. By doing so others may start to promote you (for free) by retweeting your message to their followers!
  4. Keyword Searches – you can search via keywords to see what is currently being tweeted about a particular topic. This can be a useful way to research your industry, stay up to date and, for some, to find business opportunities. Hootsuite is ideal for this as you can set up a tab within this dashboard with several columns to permanently track different keywords you are interested in. You can then check these as and when you have time.
  5. Lists – you can end up following too many profiles to keep track of in your home feed, particularly if you are looking to build a large audience, for example UK wide or beyond. Lists allow you to segment who you are following by industry, interests, locations, clients, prospects or industry news etc. This can be a great way to further engage with clients and prospects as you can filter their messages within these lists. This will help you to engage with them more often and thereby develop the relationship online.

Chris Wood – digital marketing specialist

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