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Facebook Advertising Top Tips

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach a targeted audience with a tailored message but as with any form of digital marketing it’s easy to waste money if you don’t understand the full range of options available to you.

There are three interfaces you can use to advertise on Facebook. At a basic level it’s possible to advertise directly from your Facebook page by boosting a post. The next level of complexity up is to use your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. Lastly you can use Facebook Power Editor which is designed for larger advertisers and gives you even more precise control over your campaigns. In this blog post we’ll be looking at ads you can run through Facebook Ad Manager and focusing on 5 tips for how to improve the effectiveness of your ads.

Think Carefully about your Objectives. Do you want to increase awareness of your brand online or advertise to people physically near your store? Do you want to increase web traffic or increase conversions? Do you want to encourage video views, app installs or special offers. It's worth noting that Facebook Ads can also help boost Search Engine Optimisaton as they can drive more traffic to your site that Google takes into account when ranking your site on a regular basis. You also need to consider how much technical knowhow you have since some of the conversion objectives involve setting up Facebook code on your website and using Facebook Business Manager.

Decide who your Audience is. It might sounds obvious, but it’s important to be as specific as you can be about your audience. You can target countries or cities and if you use the radius option you can also manage to target areas. You can also exclude certain areas, so if your business sells garden sheds for example, you might want to exclude urban areas. For business to business type businesses you could try targeting potential clients by their job roles.

Split Test your Ads to get the Best Results. If you want to experiment with audiences (if you’re promoting an event for example, which could appeal to different sorts of people) or get a feel for what images or content appeals to your audience, it’s a good idea to set up different ads within your campaign. Set up different ad sets to target different audiences, locations, budgets and schedules. If you just want to slightly change images, text and links to see what most appeals to your audience you can create one ad set with multiple ads.

Frequently Evaluate your Ads Performance against your Objectives. If your ads are intended to increase website clicks you need to make sure you’re judging the effectiveness of your ads in relation to the cost per click. If the reach is fantastic but nobody is clicking on your ad you will need to check your ad is set up properly. You can also try changing your audience targeting, ad text and images to try and improve your results. Even if your ads are performing well one week that’s no guarantee that things won’t change so keep checking!

Keep an Eye on your Budget. Facebook is keen for you to spend money on your ads and in recent years for some of the Ad campaign objectives has required setting a budget of at least £5 a day. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend £150 a month but it does mean you need to set up your ads with a monthly or campaign budget in mind. You can limit your spend by changing the schedule for your ads to only run for a few days at a time. You can also evaluate the best times to run your ads and only run them for a few hours a day to keep control of spend.

All in all our best advice with Facebook ads is to constantly monitor them. Don’t just set up one ad and leave it running. Experiment, evaluate and improve to get the best return on investment for your ad campaign. Good luck and get in touch if you need help.

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