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Know How Google Works For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Did you know that Google owns 91% of UK search engine market?

Thus knowing how Google works is a must to having an effective marketing strategy, even for traditional marketing. As one of the first things people tend to do now when they hear about something offline, is Google it online kicking off their research process before making a final decision. Would your website and/or blogs feature for your industry key terms?

Google uses an algorithm to rank websites within its search engine, where it’s not fully known all the ins and outs of this. However there are 5 important Google updates used within their algorithm. These you need to be aware of, as they have a real impact on your website ranking on a monthly basis. Some of our clients have previously reported losing page one presence due to them and we’re now working with them to try and regain this.

 Here is a brief explanation of these updates:


  •  The Google Panda update primarily looks at the quality of the content and the website structure
  • In particular the keywords being used and variations of these keywords per website page, as well as to the location(s) being targeted
  • It also takes into account other factors like social signals – hits from social media sites to website pages, as this then shows active content


  •  The Google Penguin update primarily looks at the quality of links from other  sites linking to your website
  • If there are sites that Google ranks as poor quality sites this counts as a poor quality link and your site will be marked down for this
    • Links from social media sites count as high quality sites as they’re highly ranked (Facebook No. 1, Twitter & LinkedIn within top 20)
  • It also looks at other factors like over use of keywords (known as keyword stuffing), which leads to being marked down. Duplication of content from other sites also leads to being marked down
    • It needs to be what a viewer reading the content would find reasonable use of the keywords being mentioned
  •  The Google Hummingbird update looks at the interpretation and reason behind the search terms being used to deliver more accurate results (early days as to the exact impact)
  • Good content and blogging should help here, providing the content written is aimed at what customers might be searching on in regards to services being provided
  •  In early 2015 Google introduced the Pigeon search engine update
  • This benefits local businesses when people are searching in Google for a local business to them (i.e. a restaurant). Google will often show the results from Google Maps in the main search engine page
  • Ensure you have up to date listing on Google Maps and that you have the right location info on your website is essential here
  •  Since April 2015 Google have been rolling out their Mobile update, which will benefit businesses that have mobile friendly websites
  • Those that don’t and were receiving quite a bit of traffic via mobile will see their presence move down the rankings for mobile search results
  • Mobile traffic will only grow over time, so if you’re not get mobile friendly this would be worth addressing sooner rather than later

By taking these updates into account as part of your digital marketing strategy you can start addressing your organic page one presence for key terms. This could potentially gain you an advantage over your competitors by addressing this now, as takes time to take effect (doesn’t happen overnight). Social media and content like blogs and videos play a key part here. We think Google will eventually take into consideration how effectively you are using social media, as there becomes more noise on these platforms.


Chris Wood - digital marketing specialist


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