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8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic via Digital Marketing

increase website trafficWould you like more website traffic to increase internet leads, online sales, enquiries, raise online awareness etc? Whatever your objective is for your organisation the following approach being suggested should help. It’s a proven approach that we adopt ourselves. In the process it should also help build an online following for customer retention purposes and constantly attract new customers.

  1. Develop & Document Digital Marketing Strategy based on the following high level activities. This helps give direction and purpose in what you’re trying to achieve and how. Whereby increasing the chances of success in meeting your objective(s). As part of this, an implementation action plan should be developed and documented identifying the setup and on-going tasks in implementing the strategy. 
  2. Google Analytics & Webmaster should be enabled to track and understand website visitor stats. This will allow you to track performance of your digital marketing activities and be able to further develop them over time. Google Webmaster also helps Google know more about your site, which helps improve search engine presence, as once enabled it then revisits every page on a much more regular basis.
  3. Google Ad Campaign could be set up and optimised for page one presence for key search terms. This would give paid for page one presence via pay per click advertising whilst working on gaining organic/natural presence.


  1. Google My Business for location listings on Google Maps, where Google prioritises location based searches over all other results, including Google Ads! It’s important to claim your listing so that firstly competitors cannot and secondly you can optimise it to increase chances of being found for local searches (only).     


  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make your website more visible in the eyes of Google. Here it’s important to know how Google works and identify keywords and phrases to target to optimise website content and structure. If your website is built on a content management system there are many actions you can undertake yourself, otherwise likely to require a SEO specialist. 


  1. Use of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to primarily raise online presence to customer base and for Google to pick up on SEO wise. On the latter did you know that every month Google are looking for social signals as part of its criteria in ranking your website, which are hits from social media platforms to your website. You should also use social media to complement other marketing and communications activities. As well as promote yourselves as experts in your industry via top tips, articles, blogs etc. This should raise you above the noise on social media by helping to build trust and credibility with your online audience.
  2. Blogging on your industry – key benefits/features/things to do etc.  Blogs are articles that you write on various topics to help build trust and credibility with your online audience. These can either be published on your website or a separate blog site can be setup like on WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr. Once setup each blog post can be optimised for Google to pick up on and promoted via social media to drive traffic to it on a regular basis.
  3. Regular e-newsletter (monthly/bimonthly/quarterly) where you should make it informative with useful info to your customer base. If stuck on this, think of the questions you typically you get asked and start with some of these and go from there. Here you could promote your blogs and social media presence with follow and share icons. As well as using social media to encourage new sign-ups to the e-newsletter. Check out our Eureka Bulletin providing clarity on social media and digital marketing every month.

It should be noted that page one presence cannot be guaranteed by any SEO specialist. However if the above was adopted and with constant regular active use of social media, you should over time see an improvement in your search engine presence to key search terms. This increasing your chances of moving towards page one.


Chris Wood - digital marketing specialist       

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